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European: Darkmoon Faire (RP)
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Welcome to the Divine Shadows website!

Welcome to the website and forums of one of the oldest guilds on the Darkmoon Faire server!  And no that isn't a reference to our collective ages  ;)

The Divine Shadows are a social guild that formed way back on October 28th 2006 - hard to believe we've been going for over five years now!  Our members can usually be found getting lost in cities, trying to corner the Auction House market, kicking bum in battlegrounds, causing organised chaos in the latest raids, questing in the far reaching corners of Azeroth or speeding through a heroic or 6 before bedtime.

Members of the guild raid 10-mans on a regular basis with great success, although we are not primarily a raiding guild and do not recruit as such - please see the public forums for more detailed information about the guild!

May your gnomes always be dirty and your evenings filled with banter
Lenea (GM)
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Other Guild News

Guild Changes

LeneaDS, Jan 22, 12 7:23 AM.
Hi all, 

due to all of the recent issues with the 'raiders' buggering off, there have been some changes in the guild! No fear though, as always we get through tough times and move on to bigger and better things :)  Anyway, the main changes are:

Grimsax is taking over as GM (so sorry.... if his head gets too big, Marie will poke him in the eye for you :P)
Myself and Marie are remaining as Officers
Olafur (Ilrund) is our newest officer -  congratulations!

I have stepped down as unfortunately the game has lost some of it's appeal for me and I am no longer that active - no reflection on the lovely DS members, just moving on a little!  I am not quitting however, and intend to keep playing to some extent.

We aim to continue as Divine Shadows has always been - a friendly, sociable guild who play the game for fun and try and progress as much as we can in that way.  We had closed our recruitment given the influx of new people over last summer/autumn, but will now re-open, looking for like minded, sociable and friendly people to join our ranks.  If you come across any, let an officer know and feel free to recommend them to the guild!  Our recruitment processes are clearly set out in the forums.

Death to Ragnaros!

LeneaDS, Nov 23, 11 2:35 AM.

To the brave heroes of the Divine Shadows who ventured forth and spanked the ass of the firey overlord Ragnaros!

Fishing guild event

LeneaDS, Feb 12, 11 5:04 AM.
Next guild event will take place on 25th Feb and will help us to reach the fish feast guild achievement!

See this forum thread for more info :)

Guild Event

LeneaDS, Jan 30, 11 4:26 AM.
In celebration of the Lunar Festival, we will be holding a Fireworks Party guild event on Saturday 5th Feb!

Time: 8pm server time
Place: the hills behind Nighthaven, in Moonglade
Type of event: RP/open social event

Bring: Fireworks, booze, cute outfits
Be on: Vent

This event is open to anyone interested in Divine Shadows, guild members, or friends :)

Forum update

LeneaDS, Dec 15, 10 5:46 PM.
In preparation for the upcoming recruitment drive and the new fun that is Cataclysm, the forums have been updated.  We are now rolling with three separate forums:

1) Public forums (anyone will have access to information here)
2) Guild member forums (for approved guild members only!)
3) Officer forums (so we can talk about all you peons :) .... or just boring guild admin stuff :/)

Content and stickies will be updated slowly over the coming weeks! If anyone is interested in putting together class or UI information/guides for the relevant forums, please let me know!

Watch out specifically for:
 - new raiding information and updated loot policies
 - new raid and event sign up systems
 - loads of great new roleplaying information and events
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